Wed 29 Aug 2007 12:42
TUESDAY 28 AUGUST 07...                                                             Sailed to Tues overnight position:   36:37.44N  29:05.75E     
What a day we had !   Morning and some of the afternoon was spent in sweltering heat in Port Gocek marina, Bob went for an unexpected swim in the Marina to remove the old log from its hull fixing, whilst our good friend Tolga was trying to fit the new one from inside the boat.  I stood by with the buckets and sponges !!  Freezer man came, replaced faulty valves in system, topped us the refrigerant gas and we now have a freezer that works - whooppee !  After lunch onboard, we set sail across the Bay to the town of Fethiye - motorsailed really, to test out the engine, after the problems we encountered on the last two visits, with coughing & spluttering due to dirty fuel.  All seemed to be working just fine with the engine, but we had problems when trying to calibrate the wind instruments and log - very frustrating !
Arrived in Fethiye early evening - our favourite town !   Decided to reward ourselves with a trip to the local Hamam (turkish bath) which was built in the 16th century and was a very characterful old Ottoman piece of architecture ....  not so the larger-than-life young Turkish man who pummelled and exfoliated us on a marble slab (Elaine would have liked this one !), and then we treated ourselves to a rose oil massage and apple tea - came out feeling invigorated and very clean, then off to Fethiye Fish Market for supper - we first went to FFM with Brent & Maureen, and Stu & Becks and have been very grateful to them for exploring the old town and finding this treasure of a place !!  We were treated like locals, and managed to polish off a bottle of Angora Red before heading to Bob's favourite bar across town for a coffee, liqueur, and (most important for him) a nargile !!  Cappucino flavour this time, and done by some of Turkey's finest "professional" nargile men - unlike Rich's one last week (sorry Rich). A late night up on deck watching the moon and stars over a millpond sea - paradise !!