Wed 12 Sep 2007 21:48
SATURDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 2007                                                                IOS POSITION   36:42.68N  25:17.53E
After a very disturbed sleep, waking to make sure that the mooring lines hadn't chafed through from the buoy, we realised that we hadn't actually eaten much the day before - not surprisingly !  So, after a good old fry-up and a quick clean up, M headed off in the dinghy over to the harbour (much calmer now) to pick up Stu & Beccs, who had spent the night in a "hotel" next to the bus station !  We were so glad to see them, and very grateful for all their invaluable help the night before.    All loaded on board, we set off towards the island of Ios - a relatively short hop, only 25 or so miles, and a bit of a relaxing day now we had two extra sailors on board who were keen to sail....   Before leaving, Bob changed one of the fuel filters, but even so the engine decided to cough and splutter a few times - fortunately, we had wind in our sails, so saved on diesel, and sailed most of the way across to Ios.   Anchored up for the night, lit the barbecue, had a glass of wine or two, and spent a very rolly night being buffeted by the waves into the bay.