Web Diary Page 1st October 2007

Mon 8 Oct 2007 00:32
LADY LIV WEB DIARY PAGE 1 OCTOBER 2007                                    TAORMINA, SICILY  POSITION  37:49.64N   15:16.43E
After much persuading from M that she wanted to see a volcano, Bob capitulated and set course for Giardini Naxos harbour at Taormina on Sicily, a short 4 hour sail away.   He wasn't disappointed  - and neither was M....   Across the narrow piece of sea, and following the coast closely, we could see Monte Etna looming up in the distance.   The "new harbour pontoons" reported in the Mediterranean Almanac were nowhere to be seen, and after several attempts at anchoring, we managed to find a good holding and anchored in the bay with a fantastic view of the town of Taormina and Etna.
Stayed in Taormina on the 2nd October, and enjoyed the picturesque surroundings, watched a couple of tall ships come into the harbour, visited the local supermarket with the dinghy, almost capsized it in the surf going back to the yacht - ended up with carrier bags full of sea water - sea water & bread, sea water & fruit, sea water & kitchen roll, sea water & wallet, sea water & euros etc etc....   Returned to the beach - this time put the dinghy in a less surfy part - and enjoyed a massage from a friendly Thai lady (goody goody, bye bye Hong Kong..).  Visited an internet outpost, and were asked to provide photo ID, as a counter-terrorist measure !!  All for 30 minutes use of a computer to download the weather forecast ...!