Lady Liv Web Diary Tues 4 September

Sun 9 Sep 2007 16:59
Tuesday 4 September
After the tortuous (motor)sail from Rhodes to Tilos, we decided to R&R on Tilos for a day - which in fact turned out to be a day of maintenance and cleaning !!  Bob resealed the front windows as best as possible, dismantled and replaced all the valves and gaskets in the two toilets on board (lovely little job, and why DOES he always use my washing up cloths??)  and spent the rest of the day doing various other tasks which needed doing.  M took the metal polish into the forward heads (loo) and did her best to spruce up all the tarnished metalwork (took hours !!), tried to remove 5 years of fluff and rubbish from between the floorboards and some general cleaning - my, we do know how to live the high life, us "Yotties".....  Jobs done, we decided to treat ourselves to supper in a packed taverna in the backstreets of Tilos - where we supped the local red wine - 7 Euros for a litre pot (and we do mean pot..), lovely food, very reasonable, great atmosphere !