Web Diary 3 September 2007

Sun 9 Sep 2007 16:57
MONDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER 2007                                                    TILOS POSITION    36:24.85N   27:23.34E
After a very disturbed and bumpy night, we decided not to clear into Greece via Rhodes (Brent, Maureen, Stu & Beccs will remember how long it took to clear out via Rhodes last time !), so weighed anchor at 10.45 and followed a Greek navy ship and a couple of German yachts out into open sea.   Sea conditions quite rough, lots of white caps and more wind head on, so engine back on, and pitching & rocking & rolling !!!   Not far out to sea, we discovered that two of the main saloon windows had developed leaks, so, out with the towels and plastic sheeting (aka dustbin bags) to minimise damage !  One of the shrouds chain plates also leaking - so water, water everywhere !!