Web Diary Page 23rd September 2007

Sun 7 Oct 2007 21:58
LADY LIV DIARY PAGE 23 SEPTEMBER 2007                                              ZAKYNTHOS POSITION   37:47.10N   20:54.10E
Headed back to Zakynthos harbour early this morning, to spend the last day with our three guests.   Moored in the harbour at lunchtime, and hired a car to visit the Blue Caves at the top of the island, and also take Luce, Rich and Elaine up to Shipwreck Cove (Navagio) to climb the cliff and admire the view.   All previous attempts at enticing the Captain to sail into Navagio were met with deaf ears (in more ways than one..) as he said that he didn't wish to become the small white shipwrecked yacht on the beach next to the big rusty one !!  Enjoyed a beer and an ice cream up on the cliff top before a late return to the boat for a final shop and late supper in the town square before our guests packed their bags to leave very early the following morning...