Wed 12 Dec 2007 13:58
WEDNESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2007. POSITION 15:58.0N 51:21.0W

No log from Lady Liv today, but the yacht is now only 568 miles from her
destination in St. Lucia !!!! M arrived yesterday evening at the Village
Inn & Spa in Rodney, met by good friend Kay - wife of Ken Acott, skipper
of Coyote, who is only 160 or so miles from the finish. M and Kay
visited the ARC office for an update on the boy's progress, and then a
couple of bars for a taste of the Caribbean !!! Both girls are
DESPERATE to see their men again, and for the safe return of both boat and
crews to dry land. Weather is still not good, gusts of strong winds and
torrential downpours of rain - all mixed up with 28-30 degrees of heat,
makes for a sauna like climate ....

Thanks go to Bob's daughter Olivia for arranging an amazing Virgin
Atlantic flight for M, and to all our friends and family in the UK, and
Germany, who have made M's visit back to the Uk so enjoyable - Sue
(drinking partner, DP for short) and Steve deserve a medal for putting up
with acres of clothing, plastic bags, marine toilet seats, and various
other bits and pieces which M strewed around their beautiful home !!

Today is shopping, and meeting up with some old friends - the 'WAGS' and
ARC widows - for some r&r and catch-up.

Back to the yacht, momentarily, she is now back sailing, accompanied by
three other yachts as support, following her unfortunate rudder problems
over the past five days - a worrying time for all of us, but, hopefully
now with the FANTASTIC support of all the boats who have offered fuel and
assistance, Lady Liv will roll into Rodney Bay around Saturday/Sunday -
wahey !!!!