Recife and Olinda

Jolly Roger's Atlantic Crossing 2007
Jeff, Sharon and Jackson
Mon 4 Jun 2007 18:14
8.04.00S 42.53.00W
Jacare was interesting for about 3 days, then I had my outboard motor stolen from the dingy. I blame myself for not at least locking the motor and therefore ended wasting money on a second hand one. There are cruising boats here waiting for the hurricane season to finish in the Carribbean, some of them have been here for months. There is far better places in Brazil to spend 6 months. One can only listen to Bolero and Forro for so long. We met a  S.African couple in Jacare that are have travelled across the Atlantic but have been stuck in Jacare with boat problems for 3 months and therefore have not seen much of Brazil. So we offered them a passage and they agreed to go all the way to Salvador with us as crew. First of all they rocked up late causing us to arrive in Recife @ night. Then she was sea sick the whole way down to Recife. Well after visiting Olinda and a night out on the town, they started fighting like cat and dog. So they packed up, caught a ride back to their boat in Jacare, packed their belongings and flew back to S.A - so much for seeing Brazil. Apart from that the trip was easy and Olinda was worth the visit. We are keen to get to Salvador (where hopefully we'll experience less rain) and get cruising around all the beautiful islands. Hopefully should leave on Saturday weather permitting.  We won't be picking up any more couples en route !!!