Jacare + Photos

Jolly Roger's Atlantic Crossing 2007
Jeff, Sharon and Jackson
Mon 28 May 2007 18:07
7.02.25S 34.51.40W
Hi All
Regards from Jacare + a few promised photos!!!

Finally leaving Cape Town!!!

Sunset, Enroute


Our first fish caught, Skip Jack. St. Helena – Land after 12 long days at sea


Jacobs Ladder, St Helena


James Town, St. Helena


Church, James Town

Jeanine’s Twin sister in St. Helena

Night out for dinner with fellow yachtys in St. Helena. The owner Daisy, singing Karaoke in the background.

Napoleons Grave in St. Helena

Jeff & Giant Tortoise in St. Helena

St. Helena countryside


30kg Tuna caught by Pete as we approached Ascension Island.

Sashimi, La Licious!!!

Giant Tuna Steaks, did we eat well that night!!!

Town Centre of Ascension Island, a bit like Usakos!!!

Blue waters of Ascension Island

Fernando De Noronha, mountain reminds you of something???

Cave to get to the most beautiful beach (Dos Sanchos) in Fernando

View to Dos Sanchos


Crystal clear waters of Dos Sanchos

Jackson, AKA Chisels

Jolly Roger flying the Brazilian flag

Approach to Natal after a rain squall, mainland Brazil!!!

Jacare, near Cabedelo - Jolly Roger - Tranquillo