Arrived Mainland Brazil !!

Jolly Roger's Atlantic Crossing 2007
Jeff, Sharon and Jackson
Tue 22 May 2007 18:24

05.45.79S 35.12.26W

We arrived in Natal on Sunday. The last 15 miles, we were welcomed to
Brazil with a rain shower of note. Spent the whole day on Monday doing the
formalities of clearing into Brazil. Now planning our route down the coast
Brazil which should be interesting in the rainy season. Sharon has already
sampled many Caripirianas. Going down to Point Negra for the day, as I
guess it is time to slow down and relax after our ocean crossing. Pete has
left back for S.A, so we have get used to a quieter boat (he will be
missed!!). Should leave on the weekend for Cabelo and shall update later
with photos. Tchau Amigos !!