Into " The Trades"

Jolly Roger's Atlantic Crossing 2007
Jeff, Sharon and Jackson
Mon 16 Apr 2007 18:59
29.03.61S 12.59.78E

Day One:  Saturday 14th April 2007

Left Dassen Island at 6am. Jackson was the first to succumb to seasickness; he blames it on the crayfish, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it. So he wasn't keen on having the rest of the crayfish for lunch. Watched the African coast line slowly disappear and made the last few cell phone calls before our reception was lost (not bad 30Nm of the coast). Sharon is a lighter shade of green but coping. We had very little wind so we kept the motors running all day, but sailed through the night. Swell 2.5 – 3M Winds SW 3 Log 156.2Nm


Day Two: Sunday 15th April 2007

It's a glorious sunny day, still not much wind though. Caught our first fish (Skip Jack, type of tuna) Sharon’s been feeling queasy all day, so Pete prepared a feast of tuna, roast vegetables and noodles.Jolly Roger sailing superbly with full load Avering 7.5 - 8Kn with a moderate blow. Choppy Sea and large swell 3.5 – 4M Wind SSW 5. Bumpy Ride. Log Nm 327.8Nm


Day Three: Monday 16th April 2007

We found a flying fish on board, first sign that we are finally in the trades. The spinnaker finally got to see some sunshine, after months of storage. Sharon finally starting to feel normal.  Pete went for a swim today, water is 20 degrees. Air temp – 25 degrees. We are officially in Namibian waters. Fish are finally starting to bite; we caught a Dorado and a Yellow Tail. Looks like a nice fish braai on the menu tonight!!! Swell 1.5 – 2M. After no wind this morning and early afternoon we have the Gennaker up and Jolly Roger cruising at 8Kn all well on board. Log