Ilha do Bom Jesus

Jolly Roger's Atlantic Crossing 2007
Jeff, Sharon and Jackson
Fri 29 Jun 2007 18:45
12.46.00S 38.38.00W

South along the coast, between Itaparica City and Bom Despacho is Ponte da Areia, a thin strip of sand with barracas. The water is clear and shallow, and the sandy floor slopes gently into the bay.

South of Mar Grande (perhaps the most likeable town on the island), the beaches of Barra do Gil, Barra do Pote and Coroa all have excellent views of Salvador, while on the other side of Club Med is Barra Grande, Itaparica's finest open-to-the-public beach. The beaches further to the south up to and including Cacha Pregos are dirtier and generally less beautiful, although many Bahians consider Cacha Pregos the best beach on the island. Ilha Bom Jesus dos Passos, which has traditional fishing boats and artisans; Ilha dos Frades (named after two monks who were killed and cannibalized there by local Indians), which has attractive waterfalls and palm trees; and Ilha da Maré.

Spent the night at a secuded bay although the light from an oil depot ruined the beautiful view!!


Old Church @ Paraguacu


Traditional Sailing Vessel.