Waiting for the Caripinhas

Jolly Roger's Atlantic Crossing 2007
Jeff, Sharon and Jackson
Sat 12 May 2007 19:28

04.50.72S 24.56.13W


We are well over half way from Ascension to Fernando, with good winds so far except today the wind is light!! Weather is getting hotter as we head closer to the equator, which is only 290Nm north of us. Fish is scarce, but that could be because we are going to fast, luckily we still have plenty of tuna. We hope to be in Fernando by Tuesday morning but we can already hear the Samba music in our ears and taste the Caripinhas in our throats or could it be cabin fever? They say on a long journey across the ocean that it is all right to talk to the fish; you only have to become worried when they talk back!! Wind SE4, Swell 1.5M, Log 3030, Bar 1011, Temp – Hot as Hell!!