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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Wed 5 Jun 2013 12:13

Day 7

Hello all people of the earth

This will probably be my last blog (hooray). I thought it might be an idea to capture some of my thoughts from the last few weeks. So in no particular order:

Things I have liked most

Watching the early morning sun on the big ocean

Catching hobbits

Helming in just tee shirt and shorts

Helming at 10 knots in moon light


Middle earth and Peter’s bar

Watching the stars

Thinking of sailors of old

Swimming in Antigua

Seeing land

Thinking of home

Nelson’s dockyard Antigua

The surrealness of eating out in mid-ocean

Listening to music mid Atlantic

Dusk in a completely clam sea

Sailing through a sunrise



Things I have learned


I can deal with washing only twice a week

I can deal with sleeping for only 3 hours at a time for 3 weeks

Sailing across an ocean in a little boat is now one of my escape options  

I can deal with not having a bath for 5 weeks

What’s the point of wearing pants

The earth is probably round after all

Hobbits do exist

I can now make crumble – thank you Steve

I can go 18 days alcohol free without it affecting my health

I now know how to move across a room using only handles


Things I have been most scared of


The third hole (heads or toilet)

First mate’s shorts

Evan’s coffee

First mate’s singing


Evan’s wake-up call – ‘Hi Ben……..10 minutes to go!’

Corbin’s hats

The f’ing oven

The washing ladies at Antigua


Things I have missed most  


My family

My best and special friends (my imaginary friends were with me) – need to arrange a spag do J

My garden

My training (sorry - I’ve entered Ironman Lanzorite – Golem ‘precious’ forced me in middle earth)

My home





Message to Jack and George

I hope you have a fantastic holiday round Europe and be safe!! – Sorry that I’ll miss you leaving but I’ll ring when I get back to be sure all is ok.


Message to Lyn

Hello my love – at this stage it looks like a Sunday arrival and as soon as I get into home waters I’ll be able to phone and confirm (this might not happen until sat/sun morning). There is still a chance for a Sat arrival but unlikely. If this does happens it will probably be late pm so it will probably be easiest if I plan to stay on boat one extra night until the Sun.


Looking forward to getting home and a roast on Sunday (maybe at a Pub).


Love Ben






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