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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Thu 10 Oct 2013 13:35

Day 3

Good morning everyone.

I have woken: correction, been woken, to a beautiful morning and the news that we had been joined by a pod of about 20 dolphin. I, however, had been asleep after slaving away up at the sharp end with the pole (nautical rather than nationality) together with Steve to ensure efficient sailing. My bitterness disappears as I am greeted with a cup of tea from Jeremy (Nicole’s not Rob’s).

We are well into Biscay now and all we can see is Skyelark and very occasionally the odd cruise or cargo ship on the horizon.

I think we have agreed that Maggie has provided the best music so far (no one seemed to like my Teenage Dirtbag compilation) as well as being joint first on the food front with her chicken curry together with Steve and Jeremy’s (Rob’s not Nicole’s) beef hot pot. Not to worry readers, this competition will shortly be over when Nicole and I wow them something yet to be decided.

Our resident Dane, Malene, is very at home at sea and is great company though we are finding her Viking shanties more than a little difficult to understand. Still we have some time so we’ll persevere.

Emily and her trusty lieutenant Steve are doing a great job. Never getting flustered and clear plans of action being obvious strong points.

Love to all at home from the crew of Great Escape.


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