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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Sun 2 Jun 2013 15:57

June 2 (Day 4)

We have crossed the last threshold. Europe is the next stop!  I have never been to Europe so this is a thrilling notion personally.  What wonders/horrors will these new shores hold?  My imagination buzzes with visions of well dressed spies, gigantic sailing yachts on the Mediterranean, lazy cafes in Paris, thumping electronic music issuing from stylish clubs, winding alleys which have been the settings for centuries of intrigues, searchlights spotlighting for American bombers amongst streaks of anti-aircraft fire, hoodwinking gypsies, flocks of bicycles whizzing through clean cities, undulating vineyards tended by smokey old men.  The reality will not be as romantic but dwelling on images like these helps to pass the wee cold hours of the morning watches.

This seems to be a pattern on the boat.  I allow myself to get carried away with whatever it is I am dwelling on whether that is daydreams of foreign lands, travel plans, a certain girl, projects to be undertaken, existential concerns…  Ben tells me that I only have a year to figure it all out before my ‘angel turns to a demon (is it a demon or a hobbit?  I can’t remember)’.  It is good to have deadlines I guess.

At any rate with the welcome addition of Tony there is plenty more free time.  These 6 hour blocks are very nice (unless you end up chained to the computer slaving away on a blog post for half of it).  Otherwise you almost feel guilty for sleeping for so long.  I do find myself with much more energy.  This may be an unfortunate thing though as the fatigue seems to have been replaced by cabin fever. 

Today it is sunny and warm(ish), it is getting progressively cooler the further north we get (we are at a similar latitude as Portland, Oregon or about 820 miles west of Bordeaux, France) the sea is moderate, and the wind has picked up.  We are heading along at a good clip of 8.5 knots and according to the computer navigation we will be there in 4 or 5 days!  Though if you take weather into account (sort of important on a sailing boat) that looks very very optimistic. 

Mom, Dad, Karen and Lukas.  Thinking of you guys.

Much Love, Evan.


A short note from Tony…

Mikhaela! Welcome home! Roberto, Rafaela, MIkhaela: I am fine and love you all lots.

My turn for the blog entry is tomorrow, so then more! See you my dearest




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