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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Thu 30 May 2013 13:10

Horta towards Hamble    Day 1

OK, it’s good to be back on the wide ocean; among dolphins, seabirds, and, and other more manly/human enthusiasts of such adventures. My feelings while in Horta were particularly intense since this is a place where I spent several lovely days with my wife and my daughter 3 years ago. The Peter restaurant is still there (likely will be ever!), and the locals continue to be warm and hospitable, pleasant.

The life on the boat is getting in to a routine of watching out for anything to grab for as you move around, of work in the kitchen –luckily we have quite some pre-prepared food… by ‘uncle’ Ben- and then the adjustment to the off and on shifts that Stephen so well described in the yesterday’s entry. The seas are calm so the motoring is propelling us towards our destination and meeting with you all dear ones we long for, and think of warmly; family and others.

Personally I feel that this is a great crew, steered very well by the ‘Captain’ Emilly. Of course this is an important feeling of comfort for a “new-comer”, and the awareness that we are far, far away from land and still have 10 or more days to go.

Love you all, Tony

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