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GEP /Phil Munday/ Ocean skipper Emily Bower
Sat 14 Dec 2013 08:51
Log Day 20 – Final Leg
Well, been a  quiet day on GE; a sunny morning followed by an afternoon of squalls which have  continued into the evening; dark lines of cloud full of rain and wind. For the most part the rain is warm and you dry out in the sun though it is less comfortable at night. So just over 200 miles to run and suddenly the end of this journey seems very close. Some don’t want it to end while others are starting to think of landfall and the little luxuries it will bring.  Things like ( and in no particular order ) a chorizo free day, alcohol, a full night’s sleep, going to the lavatory on a stationary toilet bowl, drying dishes without performing a pirouette and not having that business with toilet paper that those of you who have visited Turkey know all about. Of course a lot will be missed....great sailing days, huge horizons, fantastic night  skies, shooting stars, sunsets, wildlife, and , last but not least great fun with Matt, Mike and the rest of the crew. Some crewmembers have wondered what their balance will be like when they get ashore after 3 weeks at sea; having seen them in bars in Las Palmas I share their concern.....
We hope to be in St Lucia over the weekend but as I write the wind has dropped! Fingers crossed.