Farewell to the Azores

Graeme and Chris
Wed 17 Jul 2013 08:57
42:19.40N 23:39.51W
After a fabulous 6 weeks in the Azores, we set sail from the island of Terceira 3 days ago, bound for home.  However, our next port will depend on what the weather gods give us over the next week or so. 
At the moment, we are taking advantage of a favourable SE wind so we are heading north as far as we can until the SE wind changes.  Then we will see what we have weather wise and make a decision as to where we will head for - could be anywhere between Bayona to Cork.
Chris and I are both in agreement that the Azores are by far the best place we have visited in the 3 years we have been travelling.  If you haven’t been to the Azores – go, the islands are beautiful.