Day 14 - New Years Day

Graeme and Chris
Sun 1 Jan 2012 12:49
11:53.61N 34:24.90W
New Years Eve celebrations on board went something like this:
I take over the watch at midnight.
‘Hi Chris, all ok? ‘
‘Yes, no ships, wind is gusting up to 29 kts’
‘Ok, see you in the morning’
One minute later she is asleep.
Brian has been asleep since 2000 hrs and is still snoring.
I look for the bottle of sparkling water.  Take a gulp to welcome the New Year in.  Think about going to the back of the boat to give the other crew member who never goes off watch (the magic Hydrovane) a drink of fresh water to join me in my celebrations; sea is big..... a bit dodgy to hang off the back.... decide against it.
Sky is overcast and there are darker bits in the night sky...squall lines.  No stars.
Settle down and listen to the boat for the next four hours.
Happy New Year.......from Team Toots