Day 16

Graeme and Chris
Mon 27 May 2013 11:24
35:31.75N 46:31.14W
Day 16 and all is well in what feels like our ‘life capsule’ in mid-ocean.  We haven’t a clue what else is going on in the world.  Our only concerns are keeping the boat going safely and looking after ourselves.
Chris has now got her sea-legs, managing to get through the latest bout of tough weather without being sick or, indeed, feeling sick: a big thumbs up there.
Progress has been slow in the right direction as we are having constant headwinds caused by the centre of the ‘Azores high’ being further north than where it normally is at this time of year.  However, the plus side is that it’s making the passage far more interesting tactically as we are having to change our course frequently to search for favourable winds.  Tacking and then going off in the what feels like the wrong direction for a day doesn’t do much for morale but when we do hook into a favourable wind shift life is good once again: we are now hooked into a wind shift that we hope to stay with for the next 3 days so all smiles on board once again. (For the non-sailors amongst you reading this, we are able to download basic weather info onto a laptop via our satellite phone).
A picture from about a week ago when we had very little wind:
Sunset mid-ocean – a time for reflection.