Day 10

Graeme and Chris
Tue 21 May 2013 10:30
28:37.26N 52:36.94W
Days 8 and 9 continued to give us very light and variable winds with the sea becoming like a mirror a night.  Progress was slow with only 64 miles done but we didn’t mind as life on board was very comfortable.  Yesterday morning, with the boat virtually stopped, we went for a mid-ocean swim off the stern.  The sea was a remarkable crystal blue and looked as if we could see all the way down – beautiful:
Last night, all changed; having wished for a bit of wind – we got it.  Of course, the wind is in the wrong direction for us (on the nose) and, at 19-23 kts in a confused sea, we are once again ‘hanging on’ to move around.  As we are also not going in the right direction we have slowed the boat down to not lose the ground already made.  Don’t think there will be much cordon bleu cooking done for a while.
Oh well – we did want some wind...........but probably a case of ‘be careful of what you wish for’.