Day 23

Graeme and Chris
Mon 3 Jun 2013 10:41
38:18.95N 29:52.27W
There is an ‘end of term’ buzz on board.  Why? After sailing 2300 miles we have about 64 miles to go.............fingers crossed.
Kit is being put away and stuff we haven’t seen for  a while is being brought out.
The gnomonic Atlantic chart (a chart that shows the curve of the earth – as opposed to usual the ‘flat’ chart) is now back in its home under the chart table.  This chart shows Canada, UK, Senegal and Brazil so when we studied it in Antigua there seemed an awful lot of blue between us and the Azores.  A little daunting checking out the distance; we probably both tried to conceal our upside-down smiles as we made light of the trip to come.  Now, as we take our last look at the chart to check our progress, the smiles are most definitely up:
At the moment are trucking along on a beam reach doing a constant 7+ kts; Toots is vibrating and shuddering like an express train going through a tunnel.  Normally, we keep our speed down to a steady 6kts or less for comfort and to reduce the loads on the rig but Toots is capable of doing 8 kts safely in most conditions.  We’re keeping our foot on the pedal as we are trying to reach Horta before dark; it’s going to be a close run thing.  Toots is up for it also........think she is looking forward to a well earned rest.......and a stiff tot of rum over her bow as well.  
Sailing has a habit of biting you, so it’s not over till it’s over.........63 miles to go....fingers crossed.