Prickly Bay - The First Few Days

Graeme and Chris
Wed 18 Jan 2012 04:40
A few photos to show the conditions on our final approach to Grenada. 
Although still photos never reflect the true sea state, the foul weather gear and expressions on Chris and Brian’s face are probably enough to show things were not quite how you would imagine sailing in the Caribbean:
  Chris at helm final approach to Grenada 1               m_Final approach to Grenada      
and just after dropping anchor in Prickly Bay -
a very, very relieved.......................................and happy skipper:
 Skipper celebrates safe arrival
and after 5 hours sleep, our first beers for 21 days:
First beers after 21 days!
and after clearing customs and immigration, taking down the ‘Q’ (customs) flag:
Lowering 'Q' flag
and Prickly Bay Marina:
Prickly Bay beach         m_Prickly Marina Office           m_Shorts change Prickly Bay
and to our celebration meal at the De Big Fish:
m_De Big Fish dinghy dock
with the Juffa crew who crossed the Atlantic...and shared the same conditions as us...are we happy...and tired! :
m_De big Fish celebration meal with Juffa crew