47 53.643n 11 21.712w

Fettler's AZAB
Jez Rowles
Wed 9 Aug 2023 17:01

Speed: 5 kts 


Course:  060


Distance to Black Rock, Falmouth Harbour at 5pm BST:  289 miles




The wind has delivered as predicted growing to 25 knots from the SE.  We are cutting across this at 90 degrees to head for home and that was ok overnight as it grew but it's been a case of hanging on through lunchtime (lunch was cheese and crackers).  It's dropped off a little and there are less "exceptional" seas now that crash right across the boat.  


All good and the forecast is for the wind to keep veering to go South tomorrow (still at 20 -25 kts but then falling away ) which helps me keep pointing for home. 



Well, the sheerwaters are back with the breeze.  I kept a line out till about 8.30 / 9pm by which time we were sailing, but no fish. Think thats it now unless the bass in western approaches will take a lure.




I have been out on the foredeck and in the cockpit earlier but there are too many waves sweeping the cockpit and even sitting in the hatchway is getting exciting so I will be below for most of the time till things clear up.  It was beautiful first thing this morning with warm sunshine so I didnt care that I was getting soaked by the waves (It's hot and there is no-one out here so I'm not wearing much and swimming trunks are easy to dry).  Since lunchtime when the wind really came up, it has been overcast and much cooler so I'm keen to see what weather the next wind shift brings. 

I'm working my way through a cheese mountain but once that goes then I have nothing left for the fridge and it can go off for the first time this trip. 




Tim – Cheers on weather.  Should make the EP towards Ushant and can decide on what to do from there. 

Will bass take the tuna lure ?  I'll have a look for something smaller in your bag.  I have mackerel feathers but the rod is overkill there.


Pat B - Mum says that it was tea and cake at yours yesterday.  Happy birthday.


Dave - Glad you survived Saturday's excesses.  Em said that she was suffering in her text on Sunday.  Think how I'm going to feel, I've barely drunk anything since the beginning of July.  

My bank balance will thank me for this but I seem to have substituted cheese so not sure what the waistline outcome will be.  

I'm still hoping for fish but that needs to be under engine for tuna as there is too much to do single handed when I get a bite and I dont want to get into a pickle and fall off the boat.

Bass may be a good sailing option.


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