38 44.250n 27 01.990w

Fettler's AZAB
Jez Rowles
Sat 29 Jul 2023 16:40
Speed: 4.5 kts 

Course:  000

Distance to Terceira:  1.5 miles. 

OK, that has been a flying visit to Terceira but it's a cracking place.  For the boat orientated, the cost for my 29' boat was €8.44 for the night.  Are you listening Dover Marina ? 

For those less boatie, Terceica means "third" in Portuguese.  Named on the basis that this was the 3rd island they discovered when they pitched up and took ownership.  

Plan now is fairly simple, go north or a little east of that until 47° N at which point the North Atlantic Drift kicks in with a helpful push for home.  On that basis my "distance to ..." indicator won't work so I plan to record "distance from Terceira" till I reach 47 North and then distance to Falmouth as I head that way.

Winds for the next few days look OK with a bit of NW thrown in that will push me more E than I'd like but we will sort that out and take what we get when underway.  And for now (and probably overnight) we are motoring.  

Always planned a sailing break so 1 days touristing is enough for now but I'd like to come back.  

Hope things are going well for you.