46 00.0n 8 15.9w

Fettler's AZAB
Jez Rowles
Fri 14 Jul 2023 15:54
Couse 185 / 4 kts
Bloody hell, it;s been rough !
The wind got up last night and we sailed close hauled but by midnight the seas were really a problem and we decided to ease up before we break something.  WE hove too and eventually dropped the main to sit under a scrap of genoa.  The night was exciting enough but there was loads of shipping around for us to dodge so not much rest either.
By 10am we had the wind easing (and lost the howl !) and had set the sail again.  we are now back off to the south and fighting to make some west too under a third reef in the main and whatever genoa is ok at the time.  Oh, it's been raining hard too!
On the plus side, we are not at work !

Birds are out but descriptions will have to wait till I can type properly.

Em / Cathy - our emails to your personal addresses are rejecting - sorry.  Have asked mailasail to sort.
We are probably going to call into A Coruna or Vigo to lick our wounds - will let you know.
Messages :
Cathy - Hope first aid went well
Richard - thanks for the support