45 59.430n 21 23.813W

Fettler's AZAB
Jez Rowles
Fri 4 Aug 2023 17:00
Speed: 5 kts 
Course:  090
Distance to Black Rock, Falmouth Harbour at 5pm BST:  709 miles
Rock and Roll for most of last night but all looking good for now.  I'd just taken down the main sail and geared up to go NE with 20 plus knots overnight when Tim's text pitched up saying that there is still a low developing to the SW and to stay on my current latitude till Friday, so it was on to plan B.  I could hold the course on the reefed genny and that was fine but it put us broadside to the waves, and in 20 knots that was a fun night where the best place to be was in my pit but there was precious little sleep.  Cooking tea was fun too - I settled on a tin of stew and finished off my "plastic" bread to mop it up !

I've had various different sail set-ups today, including a poled out genny with and without the main but we are now sailing dead downwind in 10 kts with full sail up and the main on a preventer.  The boat is doing 5kts and there is a current with us too so I have 6kts on the GPS at present.  The windpilot vane is doing a great job but as the wind increases tonight then I will give us a slant to the wind and then reverse this to keep us on or about 26 degrees north and remove the hassle of sorting any gibes in the dark.   If I understand Tim right then I am expecting the all clear to start moving north again tomorrow afternoon. 
Lots of sheerwaters about and in groups of a dozen or so birds, often settled on the water.  They are great to watch when flying. but there is little variation and I still havent seen one take a fish. 
Rain, fog and generally unpleasant overnight and till lunchtime but the skies have cleared and I have sunshine now.  Still foggy to the north though.  Only one ship has passed close, a tanker at a couple of miles. 
One of the sail slides for the main has broken. I can live with it for now and have dug out a spare to replace it but that means taking the sail out of the track so it can wait till the next calm when I wont have to fight to get the job done.
I have a heap of podcasts to listen to and tend to listen to an episode of one of the book versions at breakfast and another while cooking tea.  (I like a routine but I'm not a monster, I have plenty of other stuff that I listen to as and when I want to just not the story based stuff).  Anyway, I'm deep into "13 minutes to the moon" and the Apollo 13 story at present.  Just on the return to Earth part.  I know how it ends and have seen the film but this is good, gripping stuff.  I listened about Fukishima meltdown on the way out which was more of an issue because I only realised when I got there that I had missed downloading the last 2 episodes.  Caught up once in the Azores and back with a phone signal. 

Tim - Yep.  I see it passing over me on my grib and I think any local effect gone by midnight tonight.  Will turn on for confirmation text lunchtime tomorrow and then start back NE where I can.  Wind tomorrow evening looks a mess but Sunday will be OK.   Enjoy the theatre and spoons (just got text about being in Holborn).    
2 x incompatible message format (think that was Tim as he was texting from train but it could have been Em ?)
Em - Better on weather here thanks.  Afternoon nice and everything is currently level and not bouncing around too much.  Hope you get a summer soon.  And for sure by the time I get home.  x