39 33.56n 17 41.94w

Fettler's AZAB
Jez Rowles
Fri 21 Jul 2023 16:42
Speed 5 kts 
Course 250  
Distance to Ponta Delgarda (as the crow flies) 389 miles at 5pm 
We had all of the 20kts predicted overnight.  Wind was anticipated and sails set but the sea that came with it was a nasty surprise.  I got up every 30 or 40 minutes to check everything was where it should be, and it always was but otherwise both overnight and today then I have tried to stay in my pit and away from trouble.  Making tea this morning was fun and the hot omnia oven parted compant with the stovetop for the second time this trip.  (I wouldnt be without it though mum ands it will have battle scars to remind me of this trip).  The wind has now eased and I will be shaking out a reef or two when this blog update is sent.  Whisper it, but we are making good progress !
Saw another ship on ais and radar this morning but the closest he got was 8 miles and I never actually set eyes on him.
Giving tuna a rest tonight - tinned macaroni cheese (plus fresh peas and carrots that need eating before they walk off the boat)
No nature updates as I'm still eating the result of the last one and have been indoors hiding from "the environment" until a couple of hours ago.  No birds though - that normal Dave ?
Mum - Thanks for the baked tuna idea - I will do that when we get light airs.  And best to luck for Will in Buenos Aires.  Good to see he has his own adventure underway.
Tim / Jason - Thanks on weather confirmation.  I'm just planning to stay on a direct course and take what comes unless you or I see anything exceptional on the horizion
Tim - Almost no water in the bilge since you capped  the hawsepipe.  And I went for pasta, garlic and onions last night  
Alex / Tim - (I think) thanks for news.  Have tried but LW cant get TMS out here for cricket update
Em - Thanks for news, tea for 1 here too.  4 days (ish) and I'll give you a call.  And no doubt wake you up !  Hope you are in time to book up for marina with James / Gini.  Maybe Harv is planning a career as a food critic !
Lizzie - Ralph would get bored ! Have a great day out .
Joe - I suspect that you are the sender of the un-named " well done on actually catching a fish".  If not you then thanks