The way out of the bay...

EvelynB - To the Sun
Mike Barker & Jacqui Clemson
Sat 25 May 2013 14:08

Thursday 23rd May 2013

Awake to rain - ugh! Sleep in until it stops around 11:00.  Brunch in the local cafe, then explore the locality, including a taxi ride to the local supermarket for a re-stock.

Friday 24th May 2013

Up 05:30 to set off on the next leg, but leaving the harbour at 07:30 found the swell far too big for the F4 winds making the motion of the boat awful. Retreated to the harbour, at anchor for the day. Also spent time with the Spanish Customs, filling in lots of forms, a friendly bunch of guys.

Saturday 25th May 2013

A gentle awakening to a flat calm. Left harbour at 14:00 to catch the tide down the coast. Wind now easterly (behind us) and light, the swell has dissipated somewhat. Broad reach all day, passing our original target of Gijon ( 43:41.61N, 5:49.88W ), early Sunday morning.