British Soldier - TransAtlantic Race - Sitrep no.7

Tue 5 Jul 2011 18:26
Position at 1800hrs Z, Tuesday 5th July: 46 deg 06 N, 44 deg 04 W - thats
about 380 NM (Nautical Miles) East of Cape Race, the SE tip of
Newfoundland). 1288 miles logged since the start.

Surfing in the fog! Fog-less days so far this trip number just 2 but we do
have a proper breeze at last and in the last 24hrs we've covered 188 NM, our
best yet. We should be at the half-way stage during tomorrow and SeaTrack
tells us 1364 miles to go to the finish. Looking up!

With a crew loaded with engineers (individuals claiming engineering degrees,
previous employment as helicopter mechanical engineers, or current and
former members of the Royal Engineers) there was no shortage of interest in
the blown hydraulic seal of the backstay adjuster. A committee was formed
(I counted 5 crowded around the leaking article) and eventually Dr Martin
(the former helicopter engineer) cracked the problem. We now have a working
backstay again. Engineers have their uses.

Fatigue from many a windless day eventually cracked the strut holding up the
main boom but the engineers failed on that one. The practical yotties
provided the solution - do without it, the wind can hold the boom up all the
way to the finish.

One sighting yesterday of a ship, but that's about it. All good otherwise.

TransAtlantic Race tracker:

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