British Soldier - TransAtlantic Race - Sitrep no 2

Mon 27 Jun 2011 18:35
Dear All,

There was a large number of emails (19) in the inbox which I couldn't download, because one of the first in the queue was a very large one (probably with attachments?). Thus they've all been deleted by mailasail so that I can receive just simple messages and weather files. If its not urgent please re-send to my home email (at Cc) and I'll deal with it on arrival. Whilst we're at sea please only send simple format emails without the previous message and without attachments. Thanks.

Slow going out here. Still foggy. One whale sighted for a nano-second. The wind allows us to head east on starboard gybe, or NNE on port. Whilst this light wind holds we're heading east and hope to pick-up the gulf stream gyre about 270 miles due east, before heading NE on Wednesday in line with the great circle route home. Going north up to the coast now would only put us into the (albeit weak) west-going remains of the Labrador current . Well that's the current thinking anyway!


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