British Soldier - TransAtlantic Race - Situation Report

Wed 13 Jul 2011 10:30
Position at 1000Z Wednesday 13 July: 50deg07N, 11deg51W - 236 NM west of
Land's End and 254 NM to the finish.

An unremarkable 24hrs, sailing a very steady course in a very steady breeze.
With only 8 knots of breeze, it couldn't be from a better direction to give
us the best possible speed on a close reach. We're averaging over 7 knots
with a flat sea and good visibility, pretty undemanding for a change. This
seems to be the longest 'final approach' of any race, with the crew into all
those psychological habits like collecting all their bits and pieces
together, tidying up the boat etc - and there's still 2 days of racing to
go. Talk is of full English breakfasts and long hot showers - so what's wrong with a nutrigrain bar and a bucket of sea-water on the stern?

With luck and the breeze holding up, the router suggests a finish around
0600hrsA (GMT+1) on Friday.

The Royal Navy are keen to come out and meet us with a helicopter high-line
drop of some Cornish Pasties and a stiff gin, but since that would probably
constitute 'outside assistance' and be against race rules we've had to
decline the generous offer.

Sightings of 6 large whales and an abundance of dolphins, plus one oil
tanker. And just now a large racing yacht is on the horizon off our
starboard beam. No idea who she is or if she's even racing, but its good to
see some company.

TransAtlantic Race tracker:

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