Sitrep 3``

Sun 5 Jun 2011 07:21
0800hrs Sun 5 Jun. 37deg 56 N; 74deg 44 W (about 50miles SSW of entrance to Delaware Bay). 262 miles to Newport.

At last we have a solid breeze that has been with us all night. We eventually drifted out of the Chesapeake Bay at 1645 yesterday and rounded Chesapeake Light just before last light. We're now in the Atlantic! Grey skies, shirts on...

Still no ships battery power, reliant on torches - including those taped on the pulpit and pushpit. Not heard how we might be fairing against the other yachts, there are a few in sight but some are not in our class. (cruisers rated under a different, US, system). Before we went out of mobile range one of the crew had a text saying we weren't showing up on the tracker website, so we've re-located our tracker. Can someone let us know if its working? (not that we can do anything about it).

Otherwise all's well - familiarity with the boat is much improved, winches are spinning clockwise and halyards are the ones that go up the mast :-) We sorted the gas supply and luckily Nick Binnington had brought some PG Tips from the shop at the British Embassy, so we don't have to endure the insipid stuff you get in the local supermarkets. Julie Andrews please...


Annapolis-Newport Race tracker:

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