Mon 22 Nov 2010 09:54

Just completed the 1st 24 hour log and it's showing 1 mile short of the 200 mile mark which isn't bad considering the half ton of tonne of water, rations and spare kit we're carrying for British Soldier's 7 months away in the Caribbean and east coast of USA. We've been flying the kite now since the beginning of the race, sailing as deep as we can go in the ENE breeze, trying to gain as much westing as possible towards St Lucia. At the time of writing we're approximately 110 miles off the coast of Sahara. A great wind shift has kicked in about 30 mins ago and now for the first time we're sailing directly towards our destination which is great.

Weather is fantstic - plenty of sun and numerous flying fish and squid on the deck to keep the crew amused. Conditions on board are extremely comfortable - reasonably steady motion as we gently roll in the light winds. A little bit of excitement this morning as we had to carry out a quick kite halyard repair, but we were back in racing action moments later. Watches have settled into routine and the 'minutes' are really starting to fly by. Already thoughts are wandering to what the first drink will be when we arrive in St.Lucia. Full body washes are now being taken off the stern, not necessarily a plesant sight, but nooks and crannies need attention. Those that are yet to cleanse are being monitored, along with those on the 'jack' brew list. The person with the least brews made buys the first round of Caribbean Rum when we hit land; winning so far with a tally of ZERO are Tim,
Becky and Jamie. Pringles; check, lucozade; check; Coco Pops; check, Morale; check.