British Soldier - TransAtlantic Race - Sitrep No 1

Mon 27 Jun 2011 07:42
Position at 27 0830 GMT, 0330 local: about 13miles due S of the E end of Nantucket Island.

Firstly a huge thank you to all our new friends in Newport who looked after
us for the last two weeks. Too many to mention individually in this brief
report but we were shown tremendous hospitality during our stay, in
particular by all the folks at Coasters Harbor Navy Yacht Club - the
Services ethos is very strong and we were given a great send-off too.

Many great moments in Newport and a fantastic dinner at the NYYC. Not sure about certain crews rolling down the grass slope in front of the club though....luckily the Doctors were present in case of accident (to themselves probably).

Well we left the sunshine of Newport at 1400hrs and straight into the fog,
close reaching to the shoals south of Nantucket Island. We had Carina abeam
of us before the fog but have lost her since she's not showing on our
AIS. They're a fast 48', yet WE give them so much time on handicap! Before dark, 3 other
yachts were about 2-3 miles behind, Jacqueline IV, Dawn Star and Sasha, but not seen since the fog came down to about 50 yards. Night sailing in thick fog is quite a trial; not much sleep with the fog-horn blowing every couple of minutes.

That's all nfor now. Gently settling into the routine with a light southwesterly, expecting Monday to be pretty light, variable and tedious!

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