British Soldier - TransAtlantic Race -SitRep no 11

Mon 11 Jul 2011 15:07
Day 16. Position at 1430hrs Z, Monday 11 July: 49deg55 N, 20deg05 W - that's 571 NM due west of The Lizard.

How the situation changes. Yesterday we sorted the HF problem (more to do with a loose connection to the laptop than any 'propagation' difficulties) and can now see the weather picture we'd been told about. It looked, and still looks, pretty dire with the suggestion of very light winds. Even the great NOAA model is suggesting we should have 2-6 knots from the south. Yet by some quirk we're sailing along very nicely at 7 knots in the direction of the finish. This is a morale lifter after the near calms of yesterday. At this rate a Thursday evening finish may be on the cards.

Snow Lion disappeared from view yesterday morning and all we've seen since is one sperm whale that came up close for a look-see. All is well onboard, although the individual responsible for buying the breakfasts is facing the lash and withdrawal of rum ration for the abundance of nutrigrain bars for breakfast - squaddie likes bacon and beans! Beards are looking a bit better, but still patchy and not really suitable for going out in public - especially the case with the youngsters!

2298 miles logged; 571 remaining :-)

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