British Soldier - Trans Atlantic Race - Sitrep No 3

Wed 29 Jun 2011 13:19
41deg 10 N, 63deg 08 W - about 210 miles due S of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Well the fog is back after a short (6hr) respite, but at least we have a good breeze. For many of the crew we're sailing in their first deep water race (its about 3.5km deep here) so extra care not to drop any mobiles overboard.

We were concerned that sailing E for the Gulf Stream would give us an extra distance to cover later when rejoining the great circle route but the wind came round to the S and gave us an optimum angle of E anyway. And for the last 6 hrs we appear to have about a knot of current underneath us, which is quite a bonus on top of our 7.5kts boatspeed.

Sightings of one shark, 3 flying fish, countless dolphins and about 8 whales (or one whale that kept reappearing).

All in good spirits here, and not bored of hotdogs for lunch just yet.

TransAtlantic Race tracker:

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