Annapolis-Newport Race - Sitrep No 1

Fri 3 Jun 2011 11:40
Final preparations are just about complete, morale amonst the crew improved with
daily beatings and early starts. Most got to DC yesterday to visit the White
House and we ended with a reception at the Annapolis YC.

Race starts 1230hrs local (1730 UK time). Barnacles scraped, hull smoothest its
been in ages & re-antifouled, new prop fitted, new instrument displays, dc
charger, sails fixed, engine panel repaired and new strips of carbon epoxied where the top batten had wrenched
the bolt-rope groove. In short, a very quick re-fit!

Everyone here in Annapolis has been hugely welcoming, and we've been very
well looked-after. Cdre of the Annapolis YC even took us out to dinner on
the first night here. The crews from Newport have already made plans
for us!

Wind forecast forthe weekend is not great, it could be a long slow grind to
get out of the Chesapeake Bay. We'll keep you posted.

Annapolis-Newport Race tracker:

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