Sitrep no 6

Mon 4 Jul 2011 14:28
Position as at 1330hrs Z Monday: 45deg 22 N, 49 deg 00 W (about 200 NM SW of St John's, Newfoundland).

Well at long last the wind has begun to fill in, not from the much forecast NW, or W, or SW, but from the S. We'll take it all the same, thank you very much. The 2 yachts ahead seem to have kept the breeze and opened their lead hugely, and the yachts that started last Wednesday haven't hung about either. Did we sit in our own windless hole? Even the famous 'Herb' last night on his HF chat net couldn't quite believe the wind we had (4kts) - "The NOAA model is very reliable and says you have 15-20kts". If only!

We should be off the Grand Banks by mid-afternoon. Its pretty nippy here, whilst the sun is out and the fog clearing, thermal layers are on and you can see your breath in front of your face. The sea is noticeably colder although the nearest icebergs are 200 miles away.

Many thanks for the position reports and other brickbats - much appreciated even if we can't always reply.

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms noticeable in a few of the hardened tea/coffee drinkers and austerity measures are in force - the cookie supply is down to one packet per day, to match the coffee/tea. Too eager in the first week; and if we finish the race with any food left over it means we carried too much. First stop Falmouth for pasties?

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