British Soldier - TransAtlantic Race - SitRep no 12

Tue 12 Jul 2011 14:28
Position at 1500Z Tuesday 12 July: 50deg02N, 15deg42W - 405 miles due W of The Lizard.

Excitement mounting as we close the finish, with just two and a bit more days at the current rate. Whilst we're chuffed to have made up ground on the opposition, with Carina just 9 miles away from a previous 240, we'd have to beat them over the line by about 20 hours to beat them on handicap. But we're racing and anything can happen... BS is holding up well, although we're dues out on sticky Dacron sail repair cloth.

The flames on the cooker appear low, we could be close to the end of the last bottle of gas - so we're pre-warming the tins of food under the engine when we charge the batteries in order to save gas for making the coffee and tea. Two more days of food remain, which is about right. To finish a race with food left over is to have carried too much weight.

Our last report made a reference to the attempted growing of beards by the crew over the past 17 days - in case of doubt, it should be noted this did not include our one lady member of the crew, obviously.

At this rate we expect to finish late Thursday or very early Friday morning. A quick pit-stop in Falmouth for gas and Cornish Pasties, then off up the Channel and home to Gosport.

TransAtlantic Race tracker:

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