24:13.8N 58:16.7W

Mental Yoga with Mare
Fri 6 May 2016 13:10
Still good winds in our favour helping us have a fair speed to reach our
Our final destination is the Island of Terceira in the Azores. For the
moment our latitude is approximately the same as the Bahamas.
We are still sailing close hauled starboard tack which makes the life
aboard a bit Rock'n Roll, but by tomorrow,the wind should veer and will
allow us to sail more beam reach and later on broad reach. This will be
much more comfortable.
By now, everyone is getting it's own rhythm and the mood is very positive.

During the night, we met two Chinese fishing boat. We suppose that they
were busy with illegal fishing practises since they were hiding them self
on the AIS.

DTG 1812 NM
COG 33°
Baro 1016 Hpa

Fugit hora Carpe diem

Sea you