14:48.450N 57:00.223W

Mental Yoga with Mare
Thu 1 Jan 2015 15:53
Good day, year 2015!

Is there a better place to start a new year than international waters?
Many thanks also for the wishes received by mail.

As you have probably noticed, there are a few discrepancies between the message
from Bernard and
Of course, I could be a little bit more detailed in some descriptions of the sea
state ( huge
waves of 20ft )Wind gusts till 30 or 40 Kts, material break down : Twice the
Halyard of the main
broke down!,ropes, schackle torsioned or just falling a part into pieces, Making
100 of gallons
water in the bilge,torn sails,my Tabasco bottle almost empty before

This brings just drama information, the same stuff fed by the media in your
everyday newspaper.

On board it's quite important to be able to temper happenings. Otherwise, you'll
start making a
movie,changing the dream into a drama fiction.

There is a real serenity reached on board, and our hart are approaching land
with double

A practical question: How do you make a courtesy French flag if yours has lost
it's red colour
during a storm in Douarnenez (Brittany) 2013. Brainstorming on board gave
several solutions:
- sewing a red net of the orange bag to the old blue and white remaining
colours( not really
- sewing a red portion of Santa Claus hat(not very serious)
- using the tango "T" flag, but the problem is that the colours are inverted.

We will adopt the third solution and see if the frenchies detect the error.
Our Quebec "Q" flag will also be raised for customs reasons.

Yes, all those details have to be mentioned,as we are really approaching Le
Marin in Martinique.

ETA is estimated tomorrow round 20:00 local time.

We are still vigilant and inspecting everything that could potentially
jeopardize our arrival.

I wish you a lot of chilli for 2015!

DTG: 230 NM
Speed 7,5 Ktns
Hdg: 260°
Wind: 27 Ktns
Baro 115,9 Hpa
Sunny 29,7 C°
Humidity 73%

Still sailing as Butterfly
Quote of the day: The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects
the wind to change,
the realist adjusts the sails.