32:10.8N 50:42.4W

Mental Yoga with Mare
Tue 10 May 2016 12:27
Despite the light winds of yesterday and during the night, we managed to make our way under sails. Slowly but surly. However, this morning we have started the engine for the
first time of the more than 1000 NM sailed.
Yesterday, we crossed the way of several cargos and chatted with one of the Captain.Vladimir the Russian and his crew of a tanker called Norient Saturn 600 Ft long were on
their way to Gibraltar and after that Algeria. Guess where he was coming from?: Cuba !
We exchanged for 20 minutes and he finally invited us to St Petersburg next month. Very tempting knowing that the Gold cup of the Dragon will take place there in June.I was
supposed to sail there on Herbie with Xavier and Anne, but due to priorities, had to refrain from participating.
Tomorrow more wind will come and according to our weather forecast, we are approaching a better wind zone... After the 12th, we should be sailing with the fast train.
Our average speed is quite respectable since the start: 6,6KTS. We are happy to know that there is room for improvement.

Incident of the day: We have lost one of our bucket! The guilty will have to listen to Harry Belafonte's song "there is a hole in the bucket".
The mood on board is excellent,good food, clean boat, poker table, apéro, sun, calm sea,etc...

Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk. (Sir Francis Chichester)

Don't worry, we have not hit the bottle, just found it so nice.

COG 60°
DTG : 1221 NM

Sea you