18:40.952N 44:45.000W

Mental Yoga with Mare
Sat 27 Dec 2014 12:44
Good afternoon to all!

The rhythm of life has changed a little bit on board since the sun rises here at 08:27 GMT and the sun sets at 20:29 GMT. This means that we are approaching

Just before the dawn, we could observe in our South "the Southern Cross". Unfortunately not observable from you latitude in Europe. Then, when the sun
started to rise. Extraordinary paintings between a "Monet and Dali" started to appear in the sky. Dotted red,rose,blue,gold colours were matching like lava
stone, living,boiling, mixing each other... A real piece of art!

Since yesterday evening we are again "motor sailing".Normally, our future will be brighter in about 12 hours.
Although the distance to go seams quite big we are optimist to reach our destination Le Marin in Martinique the first days of January. This means that we
will party New year's eve on board! Any way, this is the safest way to keep Loïc as a descent boy. Imaging just a minute this party animal on a Caribbean
beach bar celebrating the start of 2015!This is just not an option!

All our weather forecast are matching and we are confident in our ETA. Our cruising speed will increase drastically in 24h.(inshallah !)

The day is sunny, no wind ,baro 1013,4 Hpa rising.
T Hdg 240°
speed 5ktns

Quote of the day: Advienne que pourra.

With love from the Ocean.