19:27.921N 43:14.660W

Mental Yoga with Mare
Fri 26 Dec 2014 17:32
Good afternoon!

A little delay from our side, but priorities were calling. First sailing, followed by pasta à la putanesca,and now some news from the

Yesterday great moments of freedom ... We poured on our body a few buckets of ocean water on the front deck. A simple pleasure... In
your supermarket, they sell marketed ocean shower gel and all other kind of rubbish products ! I can tell you that those P&G marketeers
should have a training here! They will see that their product promises are far from what a real Ocean shower.

This night we had the four seasons of Vivaldi without the music of course. Dead calm till rough sea with 40 Ktns winds and pouring

It's quite impressive how the weather conditions can change so fast. The sea state following the external elements as well.
Zoé could have practised some alpine ski since we had some mountains of 15+ ft to climb and surf.

Actually sailing in the direction Of 250° T and at an average speed of 6 Knts. Sunny patches . Baro 1010,6 Hpa

DTG 1055 NM

Quote of the day (coming from Loïc's fortune cookie) :N'attendez pas que votre bateau accoste, jettez-vous à l'eau et nagez à sa