20:36.793N 41:04.894W

Mental Yoga with Mare
Thu 25 Dec 2014 12:29
Merry Christmas to you all !

Yesterday a stormy day with all elements against us. We have lost any belief in the existence of Santa
Claus. This old fatty man is a pure invention of the Americans. In fact this little green man from
Scandinavia has been fed with Mc Donald and was forced to drink Coca Cola day and day.Change his reindeers
for a huge polluting red truck. We also have doubts if the Coca Cola was not mixed with some Whisky. Look
at the old fellow's red cheeks. What a shame to use such a man as a commercial argument to attract kids in
his kingdom of sugar and fatty proteins!

Christmas eve was great on board. Loïc and Bernard sang some carols, and guess what? It started to rain cats
and dogs!
- God, please listen to us ! There is enough water surrounding us!

This morning, great surprise! A lot of presents under the Christmas coconut tree!

So as you can see, not a lot to say about sailing since we are now motor sailing. No wind !
In fact we are on the edge of the slow moving low and about to enter a zone close to the high pressure
system we are expecting on the 27th. Until than, we have no choice than having mother patience as our best
Let's go fishing!

True Heading 250°
About the magnetic and true bearing note that there is here a magnetic deviation of 15°.(in practical, if
you use a compass, you head at 270°you are in fact following a true bearing of 255°)

DTG 1193 NM

Baro 1012,8 rising

Quote of the day: Patience et longueur de temps font mieux que force ou que rage.

Enjoy this family day!

With love from the seamen...

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