Valt & Sandy
Wed 1 May 2013 15:26
April 30, 2013

Sitting around talking with other boaters, the subject arose about the importance of our dinghies. We shared stories of dinks that broke loose, dinks that got their painters wrapped around props, dinks we had rescued. All agreed that if something happened to our dinghy, we may as well just go home! Why? It is our car. It takes us to visit friends on other boats. It taxis us ashore. We go fishing in it. It takes us diving. Confined to the boat we would be unable to buy food, or other services we need here. No beach parties. No long shore walks. No classes. Yes, it would be time to go home.

We decided to take a ride through the various anchorages looking for boats we know. At Kidd's Cove we came across a dinghy floating unattended. Not anchored. Didn'tt we just talk about this? What to do? Was someone swimming nearby? No it was an escapee, blowing in the wind! We tied the attached line to our cleat and looked around for its owner. A frantic wave came from a catamaran several 100 yards away. We reunited the two and were rewarded with two ice cold Kalik beers. At first refusing the gift, they pressed us to take them. We'd saved their dinner plans on their friends boat.