Rum Cay, Home of Big Fish

Valt & Sandy
Sun 24 Mar 2013 13:42
March 24, 2013
Waves broke over the coral reefs just outside the Sumner Point Marina at Rum Cay. This Cay is thought to be the second stop of Christopher Columbus. Amazing he did not crash his ships on the reefs that almost solidly ring the island.
We cleaned the boat and Valt checked out the radar. All fine there. It was good to have a Bahama day. We missed the pizza party the night before since we were anchored out in the bay. Someone fired up the outdoor wood burning oven and cooked the treats. Sad to miss out, we were glad to report that we'd chased the noseeums, at least for now.
We met with Pirate and they introduced us to their new friends. Visiting for the weekend, they lived in West Palm Beach Florida. One was a pilot, and offered to fly Janie back to Florida tomorrow to take care of some business. We would miss her. But who could pass on a free flight?
A small fishing boat came into the harbor. The whole crew was grinning like mad. Following them to their slip, they showed us their catch: a 145 lb. wahoo! Filleting the fish yielded 4" slabs of fish on each side. The finished product looked like pork roasts!

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