Norman's Cay Day 2

Valt & Sandy
Mon 28 Jan 2013 13:40
We delivered the promised VCR tapes to Leroy. He was very happy. Then we came back and moved Amber Isle to the west side of Norman's Cay where there was better protection from the 15-20 knot east winds. We enjoyed our second night there. Next morning Leroy motored his fishing skiff up to Amber Isle. He wanted to borrow some gas so he could go lobstering. We gave him a gallon so he could make it to Highbourne's fuel dock.

There was no cell service, so were unable to post blog entries or get our emails. Highbourne Cay was 7 miles away and had a cell tower. Although it was windy, we could hide behind the islands and be protected. We took the dinghy several miles back north towards this Cay and found our mifi could connect. We quickly downloaded our messages, then got a 7 day weather report. In moments we were done and continued on with our ride. Heading to several small cays north of Norman's, we sheltered by one and ate our lunch. The water was clear and clean. each turn was a new vista. The shore against the ragged landscape, the turquoise water meeting the robin-egg sky. Although we wanted to go ashore, the dinghy could not be secured well, so instead we threaded our was through the coral heads and came to the anchorage. Recognizing one boat we stopped to say hi to Madi and John on Indy. We all watched in amazement as a big grey and pink sail boat sailed close to shore and thru coral heads. Highbourne Cay has a new restaurant, Zuma, and we tied up to their dinghy dock to see. Small, but very nice, we enjoyed a cold Kalik Bahamian beer. The resort has grown from a very primitive one to very fancy in the 10 years we first came here.

On the way back to Amber Isle, we spotted the same grey and pink sailboat, Hogfish Maximus, anchored off one of the little islands. Valt stopped to comment on his sailing skills. Chris and Rachel were Americans living permanently on Spanish Wells, near Eleuthera. They'd spent many years exploring these islands, and knew every rock. No wonder they sailed in places most would avoid. Oh, and it had a 23" draft, despite its 40' length.

Back at our boat we enjoyed dinner, a movie, and even a little reading time before bed.

More later.